To Be in Love with Art

To Be in Love with Art

As John Keats said, “a thing of beauty is a joy forever” and nothing could be more appropriate a thought especially for when you are in love. Love reflects the wisdom of living a meaningful life, the pursuit of love gives our lives purpose, connection, and creativity.


Similar to love, art is everywhere. Whether architecture, fashion, food, film, music, or visual art, being open to the possibility of finding it at all times and in all places increases your chances in finding your type of art – that is, the art that is meaningful to you and has the power to change your life.  

Art, like love, blinds you to its flaws. Indeed, some say that art is never finished, only abandoned. Since this time of the year focuses so much on love, one must remember that love is not a gift to be showered only on others. Love, firstly, must come from within, for yourself. When you feel accepted and adored, your ability to show love and gratitude to those around you also increases. How you treat yourself is also how you teach others to treat you.

Love and art are both laced with magic and wonder. However, the meaning and experience of both are unique to every person. Just like the mysterious smile of Mona Lisa has intrigued many people and led them to draw their own conclusions, the beauty of art is perceived differently by different people. How we interpret a piece of art, be it a painting or a love sonnet, is nothing but a mere reflection of our state of mind.  

Beauty does indeed lie in the eye of the beholder.Art and love can both be thoughtfully amalgamated to create beauty. Love is not about consumerism and thus to us, Valentine’s Day is not about mindlessly shopping for things just to gift something to your loved ones – it is rather a slow, deliberate thought on how to add value to what already exists. Imagine decorating your room with things that resonate with you. You could pick up some brass figurines to spruce up your living room or light a scented candle while listening to relaxing music. The idea is meaningful consumption of products and putting thought into decorating your space.

So, let this Valentine’s be about conscious connections and choices rather than consuming for the sake of it. Let’s take a moment and admire the beauty that both love and art bring to our lives. And slowly but deliberately, let’s open ourselves to the magical realities of the art of love and the love of art!

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