Cinnamon Bun Day – 4 th October

Cinnamon Bun Day – 4 th October

Whether you visit Sweden for a short period of time or you live here, the one thing that you will do for sure is to have a fika. There is always time for a short tea or coffee break that is accompanied by an obligatory baked good which is usually a cinnamon bun. This delicious confectionary has a fixed place in Swedish culture and even its own day. Since 1999 on the 4 th October the Swedes officially celebrate this delightful pastry, and rightfully so. They have been baking it since the end of the World War I when the access to sugar, butter and cinnamon was made easy. At the height of its popularity in the mid-60s the Swedes were consuming ca. 10 kg of those scrumptious little buns per year.

According to the official Cinnamon Bun Day website the idea for the day came out of a marketing need of Hembakningsrådet (The Home Baking Council) an association of flour, yeast, sugar and margarine manufacturers to sell more butter and sugar. It was supposed to get people to bake more at home and it worked perfectly. These days every household has its own way of forming them into different kinds of knots, twirls and spirals.

Another reason for this lovely day is spending time with colleagues, friends and family and the Swedes love any excuse that will allow them to spend some cosy quality time together. This is something that Svadia can help you with. On our website you will find a whole selection of products that will add some unique atmosphere to the upcoming celebrations.


  • Wooden & Patchwork Tray; Handpainted with Acrylic Colors         
  • Square Mango Tray,                                    
  • Bloom Boat Oval Tray,                                                                                


  • Teracotta 'Fiesta mugs',                           


  • Floral Kashi Platter; Handpainted in Ceramic              


  • Burflower Coasters
  • Tribal Gal Coasters                                            
  • Mango Coasters,                                 

Napkin Holders

  • Burflower Napkin Holders,                    
  • Modern Mango Napkin Holders,                    
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