De 8 bästa anledningarna till att ha en aromalampa i ditt hem

The 8 best reasons to have an aroma lamp in your home

Aromatherapy has been clinically proven to be beneficial both psychologically and physiologically due to which oil diffusers are becoming more and more popular as they are inexpensive and soothing. Aromatherapy is as simple as plugging in an oil diffuser or an aroma lamp in your to get multiple benefits from curbing anxiety to good sleep. The therapeutic use of essential oils dates back over 6,000 years. You can find aromalampa in different shapes and sizes, but their main purpose is the same: to gently diffuse essential oils with air and provide relaxation. 

Here are reasons why you should have an Aroma Lamp at home:


1.Safer option for aromatherapy compared to scented candles 

Scented candles are made from paraffin wax, which is made from gasoline or coal and has dangerous effects, while essential oils extracted from plants are safer options for relaxing aromatherapy. Unlike candles, aroma diffusers have no risk of catching fire and are relatively safer. In addition, you can continue to change the oil according to their benefits. 


2. Promotes respiratory health 

It improves air quality and makes breathing safer and more beneficial. Especially for those people who have constant cough and cold, this method has proved to be beneficial. It is also scientifically proven that using essential oil diffusers helps to lower the heart rate and reduce stress.


3. Mosquito repellent

Along with several health benefits, aroma lamps also act as a mosquito repellent which is comparatively safer than other mosquito repellents we get in the market which have harmful chemicals and can harm our airways. Since mosquitoes are an undeniable nuisance, using mosquito repellent becomes a necessity, and replacing it with essential oil diffusers is the best option rather than risking our health. 


4. Mood booster 

We often feel lethargic when working and become dependent on caffeine or perhaps tobacco to change our mood and feel energized. It is better to switch to oil diffusers as they work best in stress relief and balance hormones to help us concentrate better.


5. Appetite control

 Recently, researchers have proven that aromatherapy can help curb appetite while stimulating the senses. It has been suggested to use peppermint oil for appetite control. 


6. Budget friendly

Having a versatile product can save us from burning a hole in our pockets. Getting an oil diffuser can reduce the burden of spending money on mosquito repellents and scented candles, who do not want a versatile and multi-beneficial product at home.


7. Reduce stress and anxiety

As we all know, different essential oils serve different purposes. It is recommended to use lavender oil for stress relief and especially for better sleep. In addition, it helps to reduce depression, which is a great health benefit. 


8. Pain relief 

As we all know that applying oils directly to the areas of our body can help relieve pain, diffusing oils can be one of the effective ways of pain relief. The simple explanation for this is that when inhaled, diffused essential oils enter our bloodstream and help heal the pain of a headache internally. 

It's amazing how one device can do so much from relieving stress to changing to repelling mosquitoes. To ensure you have a healthier and happier time at home, this device can help you on a number of levels.

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