Halloween – the European version

Halloween – the European version

Most of us know the story of how Halloween came to be and about its Celtic origin. It became such a fixed part of the Western Pop culture that every single fall we expect themed candy in shops and horror movies in the cinemas right when October starts. It is fascinating how the traditions have left Europe over a century ago and in their mutated versions came back brought by the wave of American influences.

SAs mentioned, the festival of Samhain is part of the Celtic tradition that has spread towards the West but initially not as much over the continental Europe. Most of what today is the EU, hasn’t heard about Halloween until the 1990s. It hasn’t been entirely adapted here in its pure American form. Most countries rooted in the Christian traditions still observe the 1 st November as the All-Saints Day which for many means spending a bit quieter time with family and visiting cemeteries to light candles on the graves of their loved ones.

Some families may be practicing a form of trick-or-treating; however, people tend to arrange that between friends in advance and only visit each other. No one needs to be worried about hearing a knock on their door and seeing a group of up kids wanting candy. What has been adapted, mainly among children and young people, is the dress up, although in some countries there has been an existing equivalent of that fun activity on a different day – at the end of the carnival, just before Ash Wednesday..

Nevertheless, there are some components to this holiday that we have whole heartedly embraced and they are here to stay for good. Halloween has brought a madness for candy and pumpkin carving. Bakeries are competing now on who can bake a cake that better represents the spirit of Samhain: the ghosts, the ghouls, vampires, werewolves, zombies and other creatures of the night. Some take the carving onto the next level and create little works of art with their pumpkins. And some people love to curl up on their sofas to watch horror movies no matter if they are category A or B. Any ancient holiday that will bring excitement and some laughs into our lives is welcome.

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