The Holiday Traditions

The Holiday Traditions

Christmas used to be a very religious Christian celebration. These days however, due to globalization and commercialization it has morphed into something else. It has become more and more common that it is celebrated by non-Christians as well. Most of the sentiments connected with this holiday are universal. People get together with their families looking with hope towards the spring as the winter solstice is finally over and the light of the sun is on its way back.

There are many different Christmas traditions and a lot of them evolve around food. In more strict Catholic communities, the weeks before Christmas focus on fast and reflection. The time for the first feast comes when the first star becomes visible in the night sky on the 24th December. As the winter nights in the north are long and cold one of the traditions also requires to set an additional plate at the table that night for an unexpected guest that might be travelling, away from home and in need of food and shelter.

Every single country will have a plethora of recipes for the hundreds of Christmas dishes. Among the entrees we can find red beetroot broth or a wild mushroom soup. In the fish variety we can expect quite few different kinds of herring, carp or salmon. Potatoes, of course, are always a must on the old continent. The following day, 25th December, is then time for another feast. This time with roasted hams and turkeys, brussels sprouts, yule logs and Christmas puddings.

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