Cheers “To Celebrating Oktoberfest with Svadia”

Cheers “To Celebrating Oktoberfest with Svadia”

The famous Munich beer festival is coming back in full swing. Oktoberfest is on top of everyone's mind .

We would love to share the Oktoberfest joy with each of the customers, even if only virtually.

That’s why we want to share some exciting product news and a special promotion that we have prepared for you.  

Choose your favorite to add an authentic look to your decor!


1. Light up your room with coziness by adding our beautiful candle holders.


2. Hang limited edition art to wake up every wall

  • Black Beauty Tribal Wooden Wall art
  • Tikuli Marriage Wall art
  • Vivid Blossom Pipli Wall Art 


3. Pile on bright with elegant Cushion Cover

  • Pattern Patches Cushion Cover
  • Geometric Cushion Cover
  • Patchwork Cushion Cover


4.Step up style in every room Brass figurine

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