Discover Sweden's National Day: Celebrating the Heart & Soul of a Nation!

Discover Sweden's National Day: Celebrating the Heart & Soul of a Nation!

Although people in Sweden have celebrated their Swedishness for decades, the public holiday on the 6th June was officially established only in 2005. The reasons for this specific date are threefold. In 1916, after the dissolution of the union with Norway, it was decided to celebrate the Swedish Flag Day on June 6th in honour of the election of Gustav Vasa as king in 1523 on that day. That election was seen as foundation of Sweden becoming independent from the Danish-rule under the Kalmar Union. Of course, due to the change from the Julian to Gregorian calendar, it was actually the 16th of June in 1523, however if we add that nearly 300 years later, in 1809, a new constitution was signed by the king on the 6th, the date becomes an obvious choice.  

Everything in Sweden on that day is, of course, decorated with blue and yellow, the colours of the flag. It was a simple adoption of the coat of arms, which dates back to the 14th century and displays three golden crowns on a blue field. 

The best place to celebrate is probably Skansen in Stockholm as you have a chance to spot the king and queen. The first one to suggest the open-air museum as center of the celebrations on the 6th June was actually its founder, Artur Hazelius, already in 1893. There are also few newer traditions added to the festivities. One of them is an open invite for people to visit some parts of the Stockholm palace without the usual entry fees. Another one is organising a ceremony in city halls around Sweden for new Swedish citizens to receive their official documents. 

All in all, it is a day for a picnic, a parade, a walk in the nature or for royalty-spotting in the capital.

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