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Crystal Intention Bracelets

Crystal Intention Bracelets

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Crystal Intention Bracelets

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Crystal Intention Bracelets empower you to turn wishes into reality and reach goals. Crafted with care and positive energy, they're daily reminders of your dreams. Whether it's love, success, healing, or abundance you're after, there's a bracelet for you. Made with quality gemstones and crystals known for their special properties, these stylish bracelets boost your outfit and spiritual journey. Pick one that matches your goals for a constant source of inspiration and positive vibes.

1. Mookaite Jasper positivity

Mookaite is like a boost of energy and new ideas. It helps us feel excited and brings out the best in us. It also makes us want to be kind to ourselves and to others.

2. Rose quartz amethyst

The blend of Amethyst and Rose Quartz is truly wonderful. Amethyst brings a sense of calm to the mind, while Rose Quartz brings comfort to the heart and helps heal emotional hurts. These two gems work perfectly together and are perhaps the finest choice for overall healing.

3. Green Aventurine

Among all crystals, green aventurine is known to be exceptionally lucky. It's like a magnet for money, drawing in good luck, prosperity, and wealth. This bracelet, made from the natural crystal, works to make success, progress, and abundance appear in your life. It also opens doors to positive opportunities.

4. Natural Rhodonite

Rhodonite is often turned to for emotional well-being and recovery. People think it can help with emotional pain, make you understand others better, and even aid in healing from illnesses you might have.

5. Natural Red Sunstone

Sunstone holds a special place as a Sacral chakra stone. It represents joy, imagination, sensuality, and wishes. This stone is quite helpful for healing those who struggle with low sexual desire, creative blocks, fears around pleasure, and addictive behaviors.

6. Unakite

Unakite is thought to be a stone that helps find balance. It connects your feelings and spiritual side while keeping you rooted. People who work with crystals often use unakite to help recover from being sick.


  • Material: natural stone + polyester
  • Jewelry Type: Bracelets, Bangles
  • Occasion: Gift, Party, Christmas Day, Anniversary Day, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Birthday
  • Bracelets or Bangles Type: Beaded Bracelets
  • Eco-friendly: Lead and Nickel Free
  • Weight: 3 g
  • Feature: Adjustable

Care and Instructions

Clean with damp cloth

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Green Aventurine Crystal Bracelet

Crystal Intention Bracelets

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Green Aventurine Crystal Bracelet

Crystal Intention Bracelets

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What is an intention bracelet?

The Intention Bracelet is a personalized hand-stamped bracelet that you put on every morning as part of your rising ritual to help you align with, and achieve your most pressing goal.

What do the crystal bracelets mean?

Crystal bracelets are known for their healing properties, the emotional uplift people get by wearing them and for reminding them of the powerful intentions they have set for their lives.

What is a crystal intention?

Setting intentions is a way to develop a more personal relationship with your crystals.

What stone is best for intentions?

If your intention is connected to career or business success, citrine is a great crystal to work with.

How do I activate my crystal?

You can bury them in the ground to absorb the energy of the earth, or bury them in salt and water, this will help to activate them.